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Passionate Android developer with 5+ years of experience. Seeking to increase performance and usability of the application through proven skills in Android, optimization of apps and problem-solving. Accomplished app revamp which help in improved UX and product growth.

Seeking a challenging career by giving all my skills to my profession and waiting for an initiative role. Willing to learn the latest technology which helps me to develop efficient and optimized applications. I wish to be a technical advocate helping others to build a robust product.

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Work History

Job History

Android developer since 2013. I started my journey toward android development in a mumbai based startup and was new to tech industry. In first year leart how things work right form product specification to deployment. It was quite exciting to learn new technology as everything was new to me. My first task was to develop android app to store notes just like google keep. Since then I develop many apps in differen domains which includes healthcare, e-commers, event management and retail sactor. I kept on learnig to increase my scope and push myself to next level.

Android Developer

SALT Consultants Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

A startup, I used develop and maintain android apps including some web application as well. My role was to working closely with the management team and deliver the product based of the spacification. Deploy apps to play store as well maintain the quality of apps. I learned new technologies and started my journey in software space.

Senior Android Developer

Seek2Share Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

First employee of the company. The initial project was about car-pooling. Later we switched to the healthcare sector. Developed apps for consumers and doctors. A platform for doctor consultation and buy online medicines. Working tightly as one of the core members with the management was a good best experience.

Senior Android Developer

Mindsarray Technology Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

A retail-based company having more than 50K retailers across India. My role was to improve the performance of apps, make it scalable and also add new features. Worked on UI/UX, code optimization, implemet latest technology, automation and deployment. I got to work with core management of company which is a great learning experience.

Application Architect


Having knowledge form different tech sapce such as dev-ops, security, mobile space, backend, web, digital marketing and analytics. Next I am looking to get into application architecture. Which includes designing process flow, managing teams, optimize the tech structure, write clean code, automation and much more...

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If you are looking for suggestion around android projects, career path, ideas I will be happy to help you. Want to learn new things, have any doubts or what to share some knowledge ping me up. Also to talk about experiences, tips, or if you want to write in my blog.